I thought love is sweeter than choc'late
That was good even on the expiry date,
Flavors make it a little bit sweeter
But Choc'late aren't all sweets, some are bitter.

Like choc'late love isn't always red Nor pink
There's pain and disappointments that make you sink,
Does love remain whatever it takes?
Or memories curving heartaches?

No one notices the sadness that seems never ending
Pain remains silent, i was bleeding,
They said it was good and tasty
As it tasted some were crabby.

Love may seem unfair
I'm scared and again try not to dare,
I make fun of the love that display
And think that they'll break someday.

Resentment hunts me in my dream
For the love once I gave on him,
Fear of the same pain lives in me
But there's a lovely truth inside of me.

There's a face that i can draw even when i close my eyes
Though his heart is cold as ice,
I love the pain he brought to my story
And how I feel that our company looks funny.

My heart dazzling to old couples
Looking at him my joy is like bubbles,
Wonderful but may end in one blink
Because he likes another girl to link.

Thou bitterness lingers in my words
In my heart I'm connecting love cords,
Looking for his attention so as to confide
Someday, i pray we'll collide.

I'm not the one he's praying for
Nor the one he's wishing for,
But There's joy coming from our talks
I don't want to assume because we're folks.

I wasn't the girl who would beg for his love
Or confess to him to make a move,
I'm the girl who would wait
But believed that my prayers would be answer along with faith.

He or you might find me talks bitterly
But just like bitter gourd i'm waiting patiently,
For the brave one who will enjoy to taste how sweet i'am
Not with how bitter you thought i become.

Short and Sporty

Hello my dear readers!

      It’s 10:51pm already so what’s makes you awake at this very right moment? Me, I'm thinking what happened to my whole day. Have you ever experience that you are so tired that all you wanted is to lay down on your bed and sleep but you can’t? Your mind is so busy thinking, imagining and reminiscing? Gosh! Why my head and my heart are so wide awake? I want to sleep. I rather choose to gets my heart tired than my body. Let me correct it and tell you why. 

     Yesterday, my friends and I played badminton and bowling. We had a great fun. We went to the nearest court in Batangas City. We played first the badminton for one (1) hour which cost 170Php. Then went to another building to play bowling. One (1) set of game cost hundred and fifty (150) pesos. Not so expensive right? But what I forgot is to warm up my body which give me muscle pain. It’s a very long time since the last time I played the said games.

      Then, mom still asks me to wash our clothes this morning two (2) basket of clothes. Again, I forgot to warm up! So,  my body aches but . Urgh! I’m really tired and my body aches so badly. But no regrets. I enjoyed with my friends. That matters.

    Now, I want to sleep. But here I am, looking backward again playing our memories on my head. 

Are you sporty? 

I'm The Girl But Not Your Girl


Behind my wall,
I was a girl, who you like to bully,
 Listen to you when you feel so badly,
Lost my ego just to be with you comfortably,
And stick on you even it sounds carelessly

Behind my wall,
I tried to understand your flaws
I appreciated your simple hello’s
 Ignored the harsh joke of yours
But still I felt that you did was just for a show

On your wall,
I feel so confused with colorful words
You wrapped me that I fell so secured
But unintentionally, I’m so injured
Aren’t you feel or you’re just so scared?

On your wall,
There’s the truth you said
I was so naive but scared
I was shot by your voice, I was dead
Emotionally, terrified with uncured bleed.

Our walls,
I assumed there’s a love battle
Our feelings of wanting to get better
Now the truth chasing what's matter
about the friendship that call to be together.

I’ll try to make my wall away from you. I know you will call me stalker, go! I will not deny. It’s the only way I can do to keep my smile on my face.


        We have days that we don't like our personality. We don't like to talk. All we want is to travel with no destination. We want to scream and explain! But we Can't. In fact, I don't know how and why, it is messed just like my mind. It is not easy to keep in silent but we have to. 

I can't turn back the times,
and I admitted that for now you are a chaos on my thoughts
'coz I was a statue when you are there.
You poisoned my heart for giving me wrong signals,
One day, time will come
when we are not too busy, when we are old enough, 
I would run to you 
If it this would be the same
And I would hug you telling I can be the one who will steal your surname.

          For now, I want to you to understand and I will do the same. I will not put in my mind that your words are for me and I don't want you to think that I match my phrases to you. But please, I feel hurt, so please be that way or not.

Sleep Buddy

        I'm still wide awake and just looking at the wall. I don't know why I can't sleep. I'm hugging my sleep buddy sleep y before i go toTeka! Teka! bakit gising pa kayo? Hindi rin ba kayo inaantok gaya ko? At Dahil gabi na at usapang tulugan may nais akong itanong? Anong bagay o gawain ang ginagawa o hinahawakan nyo bago matulog? (Bawal ang bastos)

          Ako bago ako matulog lagi kong niyayakap yung teddy bear ko, gustong gusto ko siyang katabi at kayap yung tipong nasa katawan ko ang katawan niya at yung kamay niya nasa mata ko para sanggahan ang liwanag. kakaiba no? Pero dito ako komportable. Pinangalanan ko siyang Goldie. Na may habang 4 na talampakan, halos kasing laki ko. Binigay siya sa akin 3 taon na ang nakalilipas. Ibig sabihin 3 taon ko na siyang kayakap. At kapag sa ibang bahay ako nakikitulog, syempre parang may kulang kaya unan yung ipinapalit ko habang di ko siya kasama. Hindi ko naman siya pwedeng dalhin e.

            Hindi ako lumaking may teddy bear na kayakap pero madalas ako makatanggap. Madalas kong matanggap e hindi masarap yakapin masyado kasing mabalahibo, gudto ko normal lang. Di konaman pinangarap na may makasanayang kayapa nasanay lang ako simula nang ibinigay.

           Subrang laki ng pasasalamat ko sa taong nagbigay nito. Salamat.

          Pero alam mo ba na noong nag aaral pa ako napadaan ako minsa sa tinadhan ng "bear cuddler" at sinabi ko sa sarili ko kung sinumang magbibigay sa akin ng teddy bear na kasing laki ko, ng bear galing dito papakasalan ko. hahaha Si Goldi galing korea, hindi siya bear cuddler pero yung taong nagbigay sa akin e nauna na akong bigayn ng malaki ding bear galing sa bear cuddler, hindi kasing laki ko pero malaki din. hahahaha 

O di ba? 

ikaw anong kwento mo?