A Fearful Buoyant

Fearful Buoyant?

Yes, I simply describe myself like that. I am a fearful buoyant. I used to always look at the bright side but still I have a lot of fears. Let's say that I'm little always positive in any circumstances but also scared to do / try and to fail.

I am Chaeypruz by the way. 

And so you are here at my blog reading mixed stuffs that I wrote. It may help you somehow or not (sorry for that). I really don't know how will start writing the content of this page "About Me". But visiting my blog often will...not gonna let you know who really I am. (I guessed HAHAHA) Well, at least it will give you idea what type or person I am. 

I am a little (yeah physically I am little) sunshine with a little hurricane.
Sounds crazy right? But yes! I am crazy and sort of happy but with a twist of hurricane -dark side- and naive.

The Aim of this blog is not to please you or anyone, I made this to shares some positiveness and my thoughts, ideas, places I've been, or food I ate or the people I'm with.  

Maybe Who Knows

Hello There, Is anyone reading my blog? (say yes please)

I'ts getting hot here in Batangas. And I'm sweating a lot now a days than normal and take a bath not just once but twice and sometimes thrice. For sure I am not alone in this situation. 

Well, let us make ourselves cool so we can avoid getting dehydration or heatstroke. Keep safe everyone!

Anyways, It is been two weeks since I have my last job. I don't have any contract with it and since it is not worth staying (working from 6am up to 8pm with just a hundred) I quit!. So here I am broke (but not really poor HAHA) but not so sad because soon I'll find one. 

Hey, fellas do you have any idea what company here in Batangas that hires part-timer?

If any, please let me know. 

Thank you!