Courting Filipina is NOT a Thing


So how to court a Filipina formally (by foreigners or by locals)?

Courting is a serious thing, it is more respective and follow here in Philippines than dating. And yes, young ones chose to dating it is because they said it is more stylish and modern, they said tradition is "makaluma" or old fashion. But  the truth, traditional courtship in general is more respectful and it  relationship in the end last (in my opinion), if you would ask your parents and older ones they will agree with me. 

Mostly Filipina are traditionally shy and conservative. Though we are in a modern day, still that traits are forth see in Filipina ( admittedly not everyone does). 

So here is my TIP.

#1 Suitor should visit the woman at her home and ask permission to visit from the girl’s parents before communicating in social medias. Parents instructed their daughters to be modest and a little pakipot or hard-to-get but warned not to play the hearts of suitors, if they don't then don't. Some accepted more 1 suitors (some). Before it's parents who decide (good thing not on our days HAHAHA). 

#2 After the initial visit Filipina will go to a date with chaperones. Chaperones is a very important thing so the two of you will not go beyond the limit. Time will tell what is the real intentions of the suitor. In old days, courtship is done by fetching water, cutting woods or feeding the animals. Still done by some men but rare.

#3 Courting a Filipina is also courting her family so be nice and respect not just her but also her parents and siblings, be kind. If you really want to gain her heart and gain the trust of the parents, have some pogi points or handsome points but making them friends or by helping them (fixing something or do the dishes, don't be special visitor but feel free to feel at home). When the Pinay saw that you are close to her family and looks that they approved already, trust me, sooner or later, you will get your sweetest YES. 

#4 You don't have to visit regularly but don't visit only on your free time, make an extra effort to see her at her home. Don't let her feel that visiting is a burden to you. It shows you aren't really interested.

#5 When you are about to go somewhere ALWAYS ask the permission of the girl's parents. Trust me asking them shows that you have good intentions and that you are worth on their trust.

#6 FLOWERS and CHOCOLATES (or gifts is a MUST to show that... i dont know why, but it's tradition. There's a different feeling brought by flowers and chocolates, as women it made us feel that we are special and loved. And also bring pasalubong for the parents (pasalubong to siblings isn't a must HAHAHA if you have enough money then go a head, just hope that she dont have 12 siblings HAHAHAHA)

#7 Be consistent and stand with your words. Be man with your words! You already know what is that. Sometimes, we gave test if you are really serious so we try to stop you or saying there's other girls better than us.

#8 Don't be STINGY! HAHAHA Parents and siblings always discuss that when the suitors isn't around. So be generous. And if suitor is stingy it is quite a big deal for some family members. But some don't mind. And don't be boastful, over-confident and too cool, parents and siblings will noticed it and they will let the pinay knows that they aren't approve the courtship.

#9 HANDS OFF! While courting it's better to keep your hands on your pocket as possible until she say yes. That shows that you aren't too fast and you respect her. 

#10 Introduce her on your family. In your place, pakitang-gilas ka or you should show her who you are, your skills like cooking (this is a awesome bonus if you know how to cook) or how you treat your family but don't be too pretentious. If she knows your family it will made her that you already letting her to be part of your life. And it will also let her know if your family likes her or not that will help her to decide if she will say yes to you or not.

Looks aren't always matter but actions is where Filipina focus in choosing. Looks is great bonus! 
This 10 steps will help you to court Filipina and how to gain her heart. It's not easy right? Because courtship isn't just a thing, it is a serious thing. It is not a play! You also need to be patience! We have says that "kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga" it means if you persevere, you can get anything! And it is true, we will not waste your time and effort. 

And another thing, get to know her deeper by asking her goals, dreams and plans and share yours. Don't overdose her with sweetest and flowery words! It's tiresome! Just be who you are. Actions is still counts! 

Ops! Take note of this one,  Filipina  is jealous so be careful of your actions with other girls. They are observing while in courtship so if you are too touchy with others, sorry! but court another girls. 

Perseverance in courting is worth it when it comes to Filipina. 

Hope this info helps you! 
Let me know if you like it! 

Let's DiXit !

            One of my friends brought a card game called "DIXIT"from South Korea. At first i thought that it is a boring game but I'wrong, I enjoyed it and wanna play over and over again.


      HOW TO PLAY:

Each card has an image which you will give a story or a brief description (but don’t describe it as if you are already telling them what’s on the card, just a hint or clue). Then there is a deck like ‘snake ladder game’ but instead of using dice and etc. you will use bunnies put score. And he one who will first get the 30 points wins.

The First player will be the story teller, story teller need to think of a title or a description for one of cards, after giving a description everyone should select one of their cards that might match the description given, and then the storyteller will shuffle all the cards together before laying them face up for everyone to see. Then they will find and vote secretly which is the card of the storyteller (except the storyteller). Player who guesses correctly will earn points and also the player who earns (mistakenly) votes from the other will earn points and also the storyteller if he/she receives votes. If no one guesses the storyteller’s card correctly the storyteller got no points. So means it is better to give them hint but don’t mess up your description.

What’s interesting about this game is that you would realize how you really know your opponents, “your friends are”. Because they will give description about the cards base on their story, experienced, jokes, problems, dilemmas and what they are thinking or how they think. So it is also a challenge. But please don’t make it seriously, be sport! Hahaha Don’t blame your friends if they didn’t guess your cards.

Suggestion: Don’t play it alone or just pair, have 4-6 players. Trust me it’s fun and exciting!

 By the way, where I can buy this game here in Philippines?


I thought love is sweeter than choc'late
That was good even on the expiry date,
Flavors make it a little bit sweeter
But Choc'late aren't all sweets, some are bitter.

Like choc'late love isn't always red Nor pink
There's pain and disappointments that make you sink,
Does love remain whatever it takes?
Or memories curving heartaches?

No one notices the sadness that seems never ending
Pain remains silent, i was bleeding,
They said it was good and tasty
As it tasted some were crabby.

Love may seem unfair
I'm scared and again try not to dare,
I make fun of the love that display
And think that they'll break someday.

Resentment hunts me in my dream
For the love once I gave on him,
Fear of the same pain lives in me
But there's a lovely truth inside of me.

There's a face that i can draw even when i close my eyes
Though his heart is cold as ice,
I love the pain he brought to my story
And how I feel that our company looks funny.

My heart dazzling to old couples
Looking at him my joy is like bubbles,
Wonderful but may end in one blink
Because he likes another girl to link.

Thou bitterness lingers in my words
In my heart I'm connecting love cords,
Looking for his attention so as to confide
Someday, i pray we'll collide.

I'm not the one he's praying for
Nor the one he's wishing for,
But There's joy coming from our talks
I don't want to assume because we're folks.

I wasn't the girl who would beg for his love
Or confess to him to make a move,
I'm the girl who would wait
But believed that my prayers would be answer along with faith.

He or you might find me talks bitterly
But just like bitter gourd i'm waiting patiently,
For the brave one who will enjoy to taste how sweet i'am
Not with how bitter you thought i become.