This Distance is killing me!

So I'm now suffering to what bloggers called "writer's block". Why? I really don't know exactly. At first I thought that I have pending article to post, but it's a story that I haven't finish. 

And this is might be the reason...I'm drowning in thoughts.

When you are in a long distance relationship it made you hang on nothing, think endless and blank (like you are floating without your senses). But the facts that I have so many thoughts in my head this past few days but I'm so lazy to write it down, some I did but I ran out of words to say. 

When you are in a distance everything will be a challenge and from time to time you will fight from simple misunderstanding, more reasons to argue with some different point of views and stress for not being there for each other. Sometimes the feeling of being failed for not being enough is quite tiring. Long distance isn't normal, ops! don't think we are ABNORMAL! NO! We aren't! It just we are not the normal or usual couple together. Yes, we can't hold hand, cuddle and date like others because we are separated by the widest sky and longest sea.

There are times you need to endure the longing, the cravings for each others company, the childish cuddling and the dates, and all this that make you just lay down in your bed looking at his photos and fell asleep. (Crazy things). There were fight that you don't have a choice to be "pabebe" or hard-to-get "hard to please" but to forgive and understand because in some point he isn't there to please you and second you don't want to spend days without talking to each other.

But the thing is... this distance proves how Love is true or just fancy thing. Because True Love endures.

How couple like us will survive in this kind of relationship? How? The answer is from the couple itself, like us!