The Un-Invited Guest

There is a certain occasion that I expected that I will be invited but wait!...I'm not???
Well, at that very moment, yes I'm quite upset and thinking a lot of questions in my head why they didn't invite me. And gave my own nuts answer which make me really upset. 

But after drinking a cold drink and breathe, I realized that I need to move on. And just understand that they are just doing a practical way (maybe) on their budget and they had a valid reason. And having this kind of thinking made me feel better and not holding any sulking feelings. Which affect my reactions any future occasions that I will not be invited. Though I admit that it's quite hard to set your mind that way specially when they are so close to you. But you need to put yourself on their shoe right?

And perhaps, there are also some occasions that I CANT  invite all of my friends and maybe soon there will be a special occasions that I cant invite all the people I knew or all of my friends and relatives. Some may felt the same feelings that I express in the beginning of this blog but I hope they will realized also what I did. 

They say that we can't have it all and it's true specially when the reason is out of the budget. 

So don't sit there and cry or talk to your friends telling how disappointed you are. Smile and just be happy.