Heart Breaking Commercials in PH

A friend asks me to watch the new commercial of Jollibee and it just broke my heart (sorry, I cry easily, in short I'm emotional person LOLs). I really wonder why they need to do such sad story for a commercial. Does it catch more costumer? Well, Good job!

The poor best friend who fell in love with his bestfriend and become the best man of her wedding. Is he too slow to confess? Or too coward? Or just waiting for the right time? How can it be right time if it is to late? Base on what i see the girl likes him too and just waiting but then there's a guy who treated her what she deserved. And the boy bestfriend is happy for her dear bestfriend and crying because he isn't the man she will gonna marry. Ouch!

It was McDonalds who first (I guessed, correct me if I'm wrong) released heart breaking commercial starring the young actress Elisse Josson. And then now the Jollibee. What's wrong with them?

I'd like to suggest Chowking a story (true story) so they can go with the flow. HAHAHA