I thought love is sweeter than choc'late
That was good even on the expiry date,
Flavors make it a little bit sweeter
But Choc'late aren't all sweets, some are bitter.

Like choc'late love isn't always red Nor pink
There's pain and disappointments that make you sink,
Does love remain whatever it takes?
Or memories curving heartaches?

No one notices the sadness that seems never ending
Pain remains silent, i was bleeding,
They said it was good and tasty
As it tasted some were crabby.

Love may seem unfair
I'm scared and again try not to dare,
I make fun of the love that display
And think that they'll break someday.

Resentment hunts me in my dream
For the love once I gave on him,
Fear of the same pain lives in me
But there's a lovely truth inside of me.

There's a face that i can draw even when i close my eyes
Though his heart is cold as ice,
I love the pain he brought to my story
And how I feel that our company looks funny.

My heart dazzling to old couples
Looking at him my joy is like bubbles,
Wonderful but may end in one blink
Because he likes another girl to link.

Thou bitterness lingers in my words
In my heart I'm connecting love cords,
Looking for his attention so as to confide
Someday, i pray we'll collide.

I'm not the one he's praying for
Nor the one he's wishing for,
But There's joy coming from our talks
I don't want to assume because we're folks.

I wasn't the girl who would beg for his love
Or confess to him to make a move,
I'm the girl who would wait
But believed that my prayers would be answer along with faith.

He or you might find me talks bitterly
But just like bitter gourd i'm waiting patiently,
For the brave one who will enjoy to taste how sweet i'am
Not with how bitter you thought i become.