I thought love is sweeter than choc'late
That was good even on the expiry date,
Flavors make it a little bit sweeter
But Choc'late aren't all sweets, some are bitter.

Like choc'late love isn't always red Nor pink
There's pain and disappointments that make you sink,
Does love remain whatever it takes?
Or memories curving heartaches?

No one notices the sadness that seems never ending
Pain remains silent, i was bleeding,
They said it was good and tasty
As it tasted some were crabby.

Love may seem unfair
I'm scared and again try not to dare,
I make fun of the love that display
And think that they'll break someday.

Resentment hunts me in my dream
For the love once I gave on him,
Fear of the same pain lives in me
But there's a lovely truth inside of me.

There's a face that i can draw even when i close my eyes
Though his heart is cold as ice,
I love the pain he brought to my story
And how I feel that our company looks funny.

My heart dazzling to old couples
Looking at him my joy is like bubbles,
Wonderful but may end in one blink
Because he likes another girl to link.

Thou bitterness lingers in my words
In my heart I'm connecting love cords,
Looking for his attention so as to confide
Someday, i pray we'll collide.

I'm not the one he's praying for
Nor the one he's wishing for,
But There's joy coming from our talks
I don't want to assume because we're folks.

I wasn't the girl who would beg for his love
Or confess to him to make a move,
I'm the girl who would wait
But believed that my prayers would be answer along with faith.

He or you might find me talks bitterly
But just like bitter gourd i'm waiting patiently,
For the brave one who will enjoy to taste how sweet i'am
Not with how bitter you thought i become.


    "Plans often fails but unexpected plans succeed- all the time!" Why I said that? Every time I planned with my friends to go somewhere it is not working so better not make a plan. HAHAHA. So here is my unexpected hanging out with my sisters (sister by faith and by heart).

      My friend Abigail invited to this 'new' hangouts they had. I saw their post and it looks Instagramable (that is the best part HAHAHA) and good for my tummy. But I'm with my best friend and we are on our activities on that day. To make story short, Abi and her sister along with their cousin brought us to this cafe - Winidonuts. It is located in Bauan, Batangas. If you face at the church turn right, it is on the second corner of the street.

         The ambiance of the cafe were better than other cafe. It gives you the feeling when you had your day in the school. Yes! It is! Nakakabata! "I feel young - at heart". Small but fit for a small group of friends like I had at this time. With WIFI so don't worry. Comfortable with approachable and friendly staffs. It is clean and fresh as well as their menus. Happy tummy! Good job!

           My friends and I enjoyed our bonding not just because of the good and funny stories we had but because of the food served and the freedom of laughter. Yes, all cafe have freedom too but this one is like we own the shop. HAHAHA. The atmosphere will make you feel home. I love the bacon pesto (lots of bacon and cheese!) and the cranberry tea. Sorry I don't have picture because I was diverted by our funny stories.

          My Friends will kill me for this shot! HAHAHA. 
Good food while having good conversation is what I called satisfaction, both heart and tummy is satisfied! Next time, surely I will come back! (Alone HAHAHA)

Our Class Pictures. LOL! With terror Dean, Find her!

            But, wait, I'm still confused where are the donuts? I didn't see or taste any. Maybe that is one of the reason why I need to go back. 

Unit 1 Porz Bldg. Kap. Ponso St., Bauan
Batangas City, Philippines
Call: (043) 706 9064


      I always wanted to go to 'PINTO ART MUSEUM. Pinto is a Filipino term means ‘door’  It is a gallery that offers a variety of small to gigantic murals and intriguing and captivating collective artworks which project different messages and stories. You can see the reflection of different form of art in all  architectural design of the museum. Each 'door' or gallery is connected through a number of doorways leading to another gallery.

     So my friend Keren, out of nowhere she decided to go in PINTO and have spontaneous day and bring me with her. We looked for places where we should go and we end up in Pinto Art Museum. We both like Pinto. 

The easiest way is to take LRT.

Statue of Philippine National Carabao carrying good to sell.

Am I not their 3rd sister? 

Miniature of a Black castle but in a wood cart.

Beware or be aware of us?

It is a huge property with different kinds of art there are stairs, a lot of doors connecting to each galleries, no air conditioning even fan but natural temperature is enough. The best time to go there is summer or no storms or not in rainy season to fully enjoy the Gallery, but for us our timing isn't kind that day. It rained! and we didn't appreciated much the outdoor.

One of the artworks that I love is this gigantic nest made of zillion threads, Imagine the hands who made this? 

One of the weirdest I ever see.  

  The Brainy Chairs. 

I had fun seeing the paintings closer. 

This one is a real junk and burned motorcycle.

      Pinto is located inside a subdivision in Antipolo City. Entrance if 200php per head but they give discounts to students and seniors (with ID's). They allow photo-shoots but the price is 7 digits up! You have to call them first to ask for reservations.

Food are good with and price too but for us who love to eat and fill our stomach with rice and side dishes I suggest control your stomach and go to nearest restaurant or dining with amazing back ground. This one is in Padispoint.

      Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 9:00am until 6:00pm. 

Pinto Art Museum
(632) 697 1015
Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights Subd. Antipolo City


Let's travel up to Masungi.

Masungi Georeserve is a sanctuary of wild life, limestones, rock formations and plants. Its is located at Marcos Highway Marikina-Infanta Road, Baras, Rizal.

Masungi is more than 1,500 hectare reserve for a variety of fun adventure spot for hikers, ecotourists and backpackers. Its is a 4 hour trek. But before anything you have to reserve your tour 1 month advance for its strict schedules. Be there 30 minutes before your schedule.They hold 5 tour or more a day that start at 7:30 in the morning. It is a group tour with minimum of 7 persons and maximum of 14.

Bear in mind that it is trekking so bring light, don't bring a lot! You can bring energy bars (chocolates), sandwich, water, extra shirt, camera fully charge and power banks and money! But they provide sling bags and helmet (you have to return when tour is done). And you have 2 500ml bottle water free. 

For your food please bring your own trash with you because they are free from trash trace. And don't pick flowers or any, it is prohibited.

You also need to wear light and comfortable shoes and clothes that suitable for a huge and uphill battle.

You will see breathe taking spots:
Tatay and Nanay limestone peaks, 
Yungib ni Ruben "Ruben Cave"
 Giant Web "Sapot".
Hammock "Duyan" the longest hammock

Tatay and Nanay limestone peaks.

Yungib ni Ruben



You will not just enjoy but it will add you confidence and made you stronger than yesterday. Be thankful for this things and enjoy life.

The moment when you really want to stay and forget the world.

Guests will re-energize and refresh themselves in a unique cave bar after the trek with cold drink and healthy sandwich.  

Life isn't just about dramas and sweets with bitterness sometimes bringing your life to adventure will add more meaningful and color. By the way, I have Acrophobia or fear of heights.
Thanks to my best friend Nathan for helping to to conquer my fear by bringing me here and also for the some of the photos.

He said 'its the best way to face my fears'. And after Masungi, Hey! I am definitely ready for new adventures.

How to reserve and get here. 

  • Website: www.masungigeoreserve.com
  • Facebook: Masungi Georeserve
  • Instagram: @masungigeoreserve
  • E-mail Address: trail@masungigeoreserve.com