The Un-Invited Guest

There is a certain occasion that I expected that I will be invited but wait!...I'm not???
Well, at that very moment, yes I'm quite upset and thinking a lot of questions in my head why they didn't invite me. And gave my own nuts answer which make me really upset. 

But after drinking a cold drink and breathe, I realized that I need to move on. And just understand that they are just doing a practical way (maybe) on their budget and they had a valid reason. And having this kind of thinking made me feel better and not holding any sulking feelings. Which affect my reactions any future occasions that I will not be invited. Though I admit that it's quite hard to set your mind that way specially when they are so close to you. But you need to put yourself on their shoe right?

And perhaps, there are also some occasions that I CANT  invite all of my friends and maybe soon there will be a special occasions that I cant invite all the people I knew or all of my friends and relatives. Some may felt the same feelings that I express in the beginning of this blog but I hope they will realized also what I did. 

They say that we can't have it all and it's true specially when the reason is out of the budget. 

So don't sit there and cry or talk to your friends telling how disappointed you are. Smile and just be happy. 


Don't Be Too Pink

L O V E  

I don't know why, why I like the feeling, the goosebumps, the warmth in my heart, the noise of the beats and pulse in our body and the voice inside my head that keep on telling me to go on, to continue because it feels good. 

My brain is bombarded with thoughts with love, moments, cuddles and dates like fairy tales but then like that story some stupid meddler interrupts but LOVE it will conquer. I don't care who will I step in, who will left behind, who my friends are, who you are, or who will stop or support me, All I know is you and me.

Strong desires for your touch and your scent that made me feel so addicted. Like when you are there touching me, feels like we are the only people around and we are in the right path. My body craves your body like magnets and stickers. The touch of your hands that pulling my soul to be with you. And I don't care what those tiny malice brains will think. All I want is us and sink.

Some little fights, few argues and misunderstands. Childish reasoning while truth slaps but still love making me wide awake and mesmerized. People try to take off my glasses and wash my face with cold water saying our flaws and slap me with reality but still I'm innocent blinded.

That rings, that day it fits on my little finger, truth slapped me with truth and reality. That goosebumps, butterflies and my sweet love are only of first years. No more surprises, no more firsts, no more excitements to see you, no more lingerings, no more petty talks, no more flowers and chocolates and no more sneak dates, no need to fight for love and no more day dreams. Baby cuddles will be household chores and touchy gestures will be bills and laundry. Sneak dates will be bed snores and sleepless fights. Fairy have no tales and no heart balloons instead real fights and real talks. 

No more bestfriends but true friends who never leave me even I did when I am so blind with pink. True friends who help me to see things with different colors and people that now I feel that I care. And now I see that world is not about you and Love. And now, love is not perfect but with two imperfect person leaving in one roof, who vowed to be together for the rest of our lives and the fact that we can't withdraw our vows. 

Now, you know what true love is?
"Love...  does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.  "

True Love isn't selfish, it cares, it does not trampled anyone badly, love is about spreading love and made you go to maturity, maybe not fast but you will get there. Love is not just about the two of us, it is a Three cord relationship. Love isn't about separating or giving up when difficulties arise. Love is being together no matter how hard the situation is. Love is loyal and love does not have a happy ending but knowing each other day after day until the last breath. Love will teach you to forgive and forget day by day. Love is having circle of friends including your best friends, your mate. 

And love is not being blind, love can see, can hear and can sense. And love is not pink, its a wonderful color with black and white. 

And this...

is what I say to myself, what will I say to myself and what I have to say to myself. Guys! I'm in a relationship but not yet married. Don't get me wrong about this. I'm not pathetic or hypocritical here, but sometimes, I have too....No! I need to put my thoughts in writings so I can go back and read it again. And keep on reminding myself to "hey! hey miss! you are not a teenager with puppy love. Grow up!"

Just in case you have additional phrases or thoughts, feel free to comment or tag me in your post!

Stay in Love!
But stay in your mind! :) 

A Fearful Buoyant

Fearful Buoyant?

Yes, I simply describe myself like that. I am a fearful buoyant. I used to always look at the bright side but still I have a lot of fears. Let's say that I'm little always positive in any circumstances but also scared to do / try and to fail.

I am Chaeypruz by the way. 

And so you are here at my blog reading mixed stuffs that I wrote. It may help you somehow or not (sorry for that). I really don't know how will start writing the content of this page "About Me". But visiting my blog often will...not gonna let you know who really I am. (I guessed HAHAHA) Well, at least it will give you idea what type or person I am. 

I am a little (yeah physically I am little) sunshine with a little hurricane.
Sounds crazy right? But yes! I am crazy and sort of happy but with a twist of hurricane -dark side- and naive.

The Aim of this blog is not to please you or anyone, I made this to shares some positiveness and my thoughts, ideas, places I've been, or food I ate or the people I'm with.  

Maybe Who Knows

Hello There, Is anyone reading my blog? (say yes please)

I'ts getting hot here in Batangas. And I'm sweating a lot now a days than normal and take a bath not just once but twice and sometimes thrice. For sure I am not alone in this situation. 

Well, let us make ourselves cool so we can avoid getting dehydration or heatstroke. Keep safe everyone!

Anyways, It is been two weeks since I have my last job. I don't have any contract with it and since it is not worth staying (working from 6am up to 8pm with just a hundred) I quit!. So here I am broke (but not really poor HAHA) but not so sad because soon I'll find one. 

Hey, fellas do you have any idea what company here in Batangas that hires part-timer?

If any, please let me know. 

Thank you!

This Distance is killing me!

So I'm now suffering to what bloggers called "writer's block". Why? I really don't know exactly. At first I thought that I have pending article to post, but it's a story that I haven't finish. 

And this is might be the reason...I'm drowning in thoughts.

When you are in a long distance relationship it made you hang on nothing, think endless and blank (like you are floating without your senses). But the facts that I have so many thoughts in my head this past few days but I'm so lazy to write it down, some I did but I ran out of words to say. 

When you are in a distance everything will be a challenge and from time to time you will fight from simple misunderstanding, more reasons to argue with some different point of views and stress for not being there for each other. Sometimes the feeling of being failed for not being enough is quite tiring. Long distance isn't normal, ops! don't think we are ABNORMAL! NO! We aren't! It just we are not the normal or usual couple together. Yes, we can't hold hand, cuddle and date like others because we are separated by the widest sky and longest sea.

There are times you need to endure the longing, the cravings for each others company, the childish cuddling and the dates, and all this that make you just lay down in your bed looking at his photos and fell asleep. (Crazy things). There were fight that you don't have a choice to be "pabebe" or hard-to-get "hard to please" but to forgive and understand because in some point he isn't there to please you and second you don't want to spend days without talking to each other.

But the thing is... this distance proves how Love is true or just fancy thing. Because True Love endures.

How couple like us will survive in this kind of relationship? How? The answer is from the couple itself, like us!

When "Too Late" is Late?

Sitting on a bench, looking at my watch, trying to enjoy the view of the people in the park and keep calm while waiting for you.

Tik! Tok! Tik! tok! says the clock.

At first I was enjoying everything because I know you will come despite of the heat of the sun that gives me warm and irritating sweat in my body. I wiped it worrying that it will turn you off and smile because the wind helps me to dry it.

I saw different people passes by from children begging their food up to lady who left her unfinished expensive meal in a fine dine, I saw the mall and stores on their opening and saw the the sweeper starting to have their coffee and light their cigarrettes to start.

I witnessed how the leaves from the trees sway and fall, how the butterfly flew from one flower to another, how the icecream melt from falling on that clumsy kid and the night shifters going home.

And a sudden sounds i started to hear...oh! My tummy! Its lunch time and I need to eat. I thought of eating delicious burger meals from the near fastfood but then I smell the grilling meat on the near by coffee shop but then I decided to just bought the street food. Wanna know why? Because you are coming and I dont like to miss it, i wanna see you come.

Tik! Tok! Tik! tok! says the clock again and again.

The sun began to slowly hide and say good bye. And I'm started to feel bad for myself and get worried where are you at. My phone recieves no message from you nor a call. I decided to back read our previous conversation and we are happy to meet back then as I thought. I wanted to sent a message to tell you that I was there waiting but I dont want you to think that I'm making you rush or that you are obligue to come and pick me.

I wasn't enjoying the scenery anymore even in this bloody sunset view in my front because my eyes are watery and warm, my clothes are sweat and smell like the kid playing in the field all day and my lipstick is fading. I also began to felt tired and exhausted. So i texted you just to inform you that I was there. But then i recieved no reply. I browse your facegram and see some photos that you are enjoying with some friends. And so tears drop on my phone.

Speechless and tired I left the bench that I occupied for that time and leave a mark, my watch and a hanky where your name was embroided.

And went home, pack my things and get ready because I recieved another Invitation, the sender assures me that He will come... He said he is already there waiting.

On my flight, before the crew ask me to turn off my phone here is your message saying you are on your way to meet me.

Tingloy, Batangas - A Place to Unwind and Be Alive

Tired of problems? 
Tired of Heartbreaks?
Tired of your job?

Why not run away and forget all of these? 

Let's go to Tingloy, Batangas. The place of Barako people which means a man with masculine body, suaveness appeal and fearless (for my opinion). So when you stay here for a while you will be... your new version 2.0 hehehe  I mean you will be Barako like the coffee that we have.

Come at Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients in Tingloy, Batangas.


Either you want the whole house or just a room where you can relax, feel the ambiance, listen to the sound of the waves, the touch of the wind, the kiss of the fresh air and the comforting songs of the tress and birds, you will enjoy and satisfied. From Php 120 - 250 per head depends on your choice.

Here are the pictures of Transient Houses:

Believe me, when you lying down in the hammock and starring at the sea, you will feel free and relax, and revive! 

Or if you prefer to stay in tent then bring for yourself or rent, prices are around Php 100 up. 


He is Ampon. He will follow you on your way around the MASASA Beach for free just don't forget Him when you have left over food. hehehe


What do you have in mind when you see countless stars with different colors? Can you draw your name? How about my name? (Assumption here! :D ) Is it peaceful and mind free? It feels like you wanna be stay in that moment (specially when you have someone holding your hands or just hold your own hand HAHAHA)


If you are sunset lover, you will definitely love it! 
(I'm always speechless when it comes to sunset, but all i can say is will give you different feeling)

You can wait the sun till it set and fit it on that curve stone, and make artistic pose.



Well, well, this is me with someone special who surprisingly carried me! isn't sweet? 

Even him cant help himself enjoy the clear water and stones and the refreshing cold water. (It is really cold that time)


This is one of my favorite part, so sad that the go-pro camera that we used is still messed up in uploading but soon its okay I'm gonna show you the astonish and artistic creation under the water including the few huge turtles (believe me i can't hug them even i stretch my arms take not i'm small HAHAHA they are really amazing!) and the gigantic sponges, corals and other sea creatures! By the way, snorking is just Php 100 per head.


I was paid for this! (HAHAHAHA Just kidding!)

He is no other than the Manager ( hhhmmm I think he is the philanthropist -island-humble boy owner of the Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients [I was really paid for this! HAHAHA] ). And he will surely scold me for this. (peace bro!) By the way you can call him FLYNN or REM.

Just approach him kindly and he is willing to assist you with your vacation. Everything you want (if it is available and reachable, like kitchen tools) he is going to help you in the best way he can. But due to many inquiries and visitors He might not be available but surely there is someone who will assist you in his behalf. 

They are also offers:
  • island hopping - 1,500Php (Sombrero island)
  • trekking sa mag-asawang bato - 100php
You can also do bonfire and sing along in the karaoke (sorry i don't know the price). Or get some buko juice and swim (OFCOURSE!) and dive. Sometimes Rem offers photoshoot and upload it for you. (sometimes...it's not including in the package, it is another deal)

  • While riding on a private or public boat there's some human failure like pushing or boat's owner will priority their guest so they will remove you out of your sit even you sit first. Keep in mind that Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients it is not part of this problem. It is far from their responsibility.
  • They Ask environmental fee (by government).
  • Running out of water, so you need to do it manually in the well or ask someone to get water for you and that's not free so better do it for yourself or remain salty. (it's not bad :P )
  • Unstable electricity 
  • Room UN-availability so you have to wait for a while. Because there's bunch of visitors and reservations, so you can leave your things for a while and have a tour and take Instagram photos. So better reserve earlier.
  • BE CONSIDERATE to other guest. What you told them how long will you stay, they will note that, so Keep in mind that AFTER YOU there will be next (but if there's no, that's better). There are times that some guest exceed their time, so they will kindly approach and remind you about it so they will be glad and happy if you coordinate. They NEVER kick you out of your lodging or impolitely remove your things out of the lodging. If there someone do rudeness kindly report it to REM or to Nanay Rosie. 
  • Dirty spot - ugh! sorry for some uneducated and hard headed people who just throw their garbage and trash everywhere, one day its them who we will throw in the garbage(sorry for my word, but it's true). HAHAHA but the management will have its schedule of island cleaning.  
  • Some human failure again about the boat going home, they don't allowed renting boats. So be prepared.
It's better to know this and less too much expectation.

So have your itinerary and reservations now. I suggest to book your reservation 1-2 weeks before and have it on weekdays, weekends are bit full.


(Best option)  Use google map!

  1. If you are from outside Batangas, then better ride bus going to Batangas City then drop at Batangas Grand Terminal then ride a jeep going to Mabini either Anilao or Talaga Port. Be at TALAGA or ANILAO port early because there are times that they are running out of boats and it is until 4:30pm. Sometimes it leave early. Fare is around Php 60-80 
  2. From Tingloy port ride tricycle and drop at MASASA. Php 60 for each tricycle (if you are 4 then divide it)
  3. From MASASA walk until the sand then turn right. Then walk again 'till you reach a cluster of houses and fits the 3rd house. Look for Remar.
  4. NEVER be deceive by double-dealing or tipster. They are just around the corner. They will bring you to other side of the beach. So here, follow it. 


Really? We expect something from visitors? Of course! Aside from the payment and appreciation we also EXPECT visitors to keep their trash in their bags or RESPECTFULLY put it on the garbage can and there's big pit in one side there where you can put your trash there. And we are glad if you do so. That helping hand will keep the island clean and beautiful. Thanks!

We expect you to enjoy! Enjoy your future vacation! See you around. 

Let me know if you visit there. 

Contact No.  09196864368/09757447566
(Its better to call and text than sending message on their page)

DISCLAIMER: some photos used in this article are from Flynn. 

Heart Breaking Commercials in PH

A friend asks me to watch the new commercial of Jollibee and it just broke my heart (sorry, I cry easily, in short I'm emotional person LOLs). I really wonder why they need to do such sad story for a commercial. Does it catch more costumer? Well, Good job!

The poor best friend who fell in love with his bestfriend and become the best man of her wedding. Is he too slow to confess? Or too coward? Or just waiting for the right time? How can it be right time if it is to late? Base on what i see the girl likes him too and just waiting but then there's a guy who treated her what she deserved. And the boy bestfriend is happy for her dear bestfriend and crying because he isn't the man she will gonna marry. Ouch!

It was McDonalds who first (I guessed, correct me if I'm wrong) released heart breaking commercial starring the young actress Elisse Josson. And then now the Jollibee. What's wrong with them?

I'd like to suggest Chowking a story (true story) so they can go with the flow. HAHAHA

Courting Filipina is NOT a Thing


So how to court a Filipina formally (by foreigners or by locals)?

Courting is a serious thing, it is more respective and follow here in Philippines than dating. And yes, young ones chose dating because they said it is more stylish and modern, they said tradition is "makaluma" or old fashion. But  the truth is traditional courtship in general is more respectful and the relationship will last (in my opinion), if you would ask your parents and older ones they will agree with me. 

Mostly Filipina are traditionally shy and conservative. Though we are in a modern day, still that traits are forth see in Filipina ( admittedly not everyone does). 

So here is my TIP.

#1 Suitor should visit the woman at her home and ask permission to visit from the girl’s parents before communicating in social medias. Parents instructed their daughters to be modest and a little pakipot or hard-to-get but warned not to play the hearts of suitors, if they don't then don't. Some accepted more than 1 suitors (some). Before it's parents who decide (good thing not on our days HAHAHA). 

#2 After the initial visit, Filipina will go to a date with chaperones. Chaperones is a very important thing so the two of you will not go beyond the limit. Time will tell what is the real intentions of the suitor. In old days, courtship is done by fetching water, cutting woods or feeding the animals. Still done by some men but rare.

#3 Courting a Filipina is also courting her family so be nice and respect not just her but also her parents and siblings, be kind. If you really want to gain her heart and gain the trust of the parents, have some pogi points or handsome points but making them friends or by helping them (fixing something or do the dishes, don't be special visitor but feel free to feel at home). When the Pinay saw that you are close to her family and looks that they approved already, trust me, sooner or later, you will get your sweetest YES. 

#4 You don't have to visit regularly but don't visit only on your free time, make an extra effort to see her at her home. Don't let her feel that visiting is a burden to you. It shows you aren't really interested.

#5 When you are about to go somewhere ALWAYS ask the permission of the girl's parents. Trust me asking them shows that you have good intentions and that you are worth on their trust.

#6 FLOWERS and CHOCOLATES (or gifts is a MUST to show that... i dont know why, but it's tradition. There's a different feeling brought by flowers and chocolates, as women it made us feel that we are special and loved. And also bring pasalubong for the parents (pasalubong to siblings isn't a must HAHAHA if you have enough money then go a head, just hope that she dont have 12 siblings HAHAHAHA)

#7 Be consistent and stand with your words. Be man with your words! You already know what is that. Sometimes, we gave test if you are really serious so we try to stop you or saying there's other girls better than us.

#8 Don't be STINGY! HAHAHA Parents and siblings always discuss that when the suitors isn't around. So be generous. And if suitor is stingy it is quite a big deal for some family members. But some don't mind. And don't be boastful, over-confident and too cool, parents and siblings will noticed it and they will let the pinay knows that they aren't approve the courtship.

#9 HANDS OFF! While courting it's better to keep your hands on your pocket as possible until she say yes. That shows that you aren't too fast and you respect her. 

#10 Introduce her on your family. In your place, pakitang-gilas ka or you should show her who you are, your skills like cooking (this is a awesome bonus if you know how to cook) or how you treat your family but don't be too pretentious. If she knows your family it will made her that you already letting her to be part of your life. And it will also let her know if your family likes her or not that will help her to decide if she will say yes to you or not.

Looks aren't always matter but actions is where Filipina focus in choosing. Looks is great bonus! 
This 10 steps will help you to court Filipina and how to gain her heart. It's not easy right? Because courtship isn't just a thing, it is a serious thing. It is not a play! You also need to be patience! We have says that "kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga" it means if you persevere, you can get anything! And it is true, we will not waste your time and effort. 

And another thing, get to know her deeper by asking her goals, dreams and plans and share yours. Don't overdose her with sweetest and flowery words! It's tiresome! Just be who you are. Actions is still counts! 

Ops! Take note of this one,  Filipina  is jealous so be careful of your actions with other girls. They are observing while in courtship so if you are too touchy with others, sorry! but court another girls. 

Perseverance in courting is worth it when it comes to Filipina. 

Hope this info helps you! 
Let me know if you like it! 

Let's DiXit !

            One of my friends brought a card game called "DIXIT"from South Korea. At first i thought that it is a boring game but I'wrong, I enjoyed it and wanna play over and over again.


      HOW TO PLAY:

Each card has an image which you will give a story or a brief description (but don’t describe it as if you are already telling them what’s on the card, just a hint or clue). Then there is a deck like ‘snake ladder game’ but instead of using dice and etc. you will use bunnies put score. And he one who will first get the 30 points wins.

The First player will be the story teller, story teller need to think of a title or a description for one of cards, after giving a description everyone should select one of their cards that might match the description given, and then the storyteller will shuffle all the cards together before laying them face up for everyone to see. Then they will find and vote secretly which is the card of the storyteller (except the storyteller). Player who guesses correctly will earn points and also the player who earns (mistakenly) votes from the other will earn points and also the storyteller if he/she receives votes. If no one guesses the storyteller’s card correctly the storyteller got no points. So means it is better to give them hint but don’t mess up your description.

What’s interesting about this game is that you would realize how you really know your opponents, “your friends are”. Because they will give description about the cards base on their story, experienced, jokes, problems, dilemmas and what they are thinking or how they think. So it is also a challenge. But please don’t make it seriously, be sport! Hahaha Don’t blame your friends if they didn’t guess your cards.

Suggestion: Don’t play it alone or just pair, have 4-6 players. Trust me it’s fun and exciting!

 By the way, where I can buy this game here in Philippines?