Short and Sporty

Hello my dear readers!

      It’s 10:51pm already so what’s makes you awake at this very right moment? Me, I'm thinking what happened to my whole day. Have you ever experience that you are so tired that all you wanted is to lay down on your bed and sleep but you can’t? Your mind is so busy thinking, imagining and reminiscing? Gosh! Why my head and my heart are so wide awake? I want to sleep. I rather choose to gets my heart tired than my body. Let me correct it and tell you why. 

     Yesterday, my friends and I played badminton and bowling. We had a great fun. We went to the nearest court in Batangas City. We played first the badminton for one (1) hour which cost 170Php. Then went to another building to play bowling. One (1) set of game cost hundred and fifty (150) pesos. Not so expensive right? But what I forgot is to warm up my body which give me muscle pain. It’s a very long time since the last time I played the said games.

      Then, mom still asks me to wash our clothes this morning two (2) basket of clothes. Again, I forgot to warm up! So,  my body aches but . Urgh! I’m really tired and my body aches so badly. But no regrets. I enjoyed with my friends. That matters.

    Now, I want to sleep. But here I am, looking backward again playing our memories on my head. 

Are you sporty?