Tingloy, Batangas - A Place to Unwind and Be Alive

Tired of problems? 
Tired of Heartbreaks?
Tired of your job?

Why not run away and forget all of these? 

Let's go to Tingloy, Batangas. The place of Barako people which means a man with masculine body, suaveness appeal and fearless (for my opinion). So when you stay here for a while you will be... your new version 2.0 hehehe  I mean you will be Barako like the coffee that we have.

Come at Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients in Tingloy, Batangas.


Either you want the whole house or just a room where you can relax, feel the ambiance, listen to the sound of the waves, the touch of the wind, the kiss of the fresh air and the comforting songs of the tress and birds, you will enjoy and satisfied. From Php 120 - 250 per head depends on your choice.

Here are the pictures of Transient Houses:

Believe me, when you lying down in the hammock and starring at the sea, you will feel free and relax, and revive! 

Or if you prefer to stay in tent then bring for yourself or rent, prices are around Php 100 up. 


He is Ampon. He will follow you on your way around the MASASA Beach for free just don't forget Him when you have left over food. hehehe


What do you have in mind when you see countless stars with different colors? Can you draw your name? How about my name? (Assumption here! :D ) Is it peaceful and mind free? It feels like you wanna be stay in that moment (specially when you have someone holding your hands or just hold your own hand HAHAHA)


If you are sunset lover, you will definitely love it! 
(I'm always speechless when it comes to sunset, but all i can say is will give you different feeling)

You can wait the sun till it set and fit it on that curve stone, and make artistic pose.



Well, well, this is me with someone special who surprisingly carried me! isn't sweet? 

Even him cant help himself enjoy the clear water and stones and the refreshing cold water. (It is really cold that time)


This is one of my favorite part, so sad that the go-pro camera that we used is still messed up in uploading but soon its okay I'm gonna show you the astonish and artistic creation under the water including the few huge turtles (believe me i can't hug them even i stretch my arms take not i'm small HAHAHA they are really amazing!) and the gigantic sponges, corals and other sea creatures! By the way, snorking is just Php 100 per head.


I was paid for this! (HAHAHAHA Just kidding!)

He is no other than the Manager ( hhhmmm I think he is the philanthropist -island-humble boy owner of the Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients [I was really paid for this! HAHAHA] ). And he will surely scold me for this. (peace bro!) By the way you can call him FLYNN or REM.

Just approach him kindly and he is willing to assist you with your vacation. Everything you want (if it is available and reachable, like kitchen tools) he is going to help you in the best way he can. But due to many inquiries and visitors He might not be available but surely there is someone who will assist you in his behalf. 

They are also offers:
  • island hopping - 1,500Php (Sombrero island)
  • trekking sa mag-asawang bato - 100php
You can also do bonfire and sing along in the karaoke (sorry i don't know the price). Or get some buko juice and swim (OFCOURSE!) and dive. Sometimes Rem offers photoshoot and upload it for you. (sometimes...it's not including in the package, it is another deal)

  • While riding on a private or public boat there's some human failure like pushing or boat's owner will priority their guest so they will remove you out of your sit even you sit first. Keep in mind that Nanay Rosie Kubo and Transients it is not part of this problem. It is far from their responsibility.
  • They Ask environmental fee (by government).
  • Running out of water, so you need to do it manually in the well or ask someone to get water for you and that's not free so better do it for yourself or remain salty. (it's not bad :P )
  • Unstable electricity 
  • Room UN-availability so you have to wait for a while. Because there's bunch of visitors and reservations, so you can leave your things for a while and have a tour and take Instagram photos. So better reserve earlier.
  • BE CONSIDERATE to other guest. What you told them how long will you stay, they will note that, so Keep in mind that AFTER YOU there will be next (but if there's no, that's better). There are times that some guest exceed their time, so they will kindly approach and remind you about it so they will be glad and happy if you coordinate. They NEVER kick you out of your lodging or impolitely remove your things out of the lodging. If there someone do rudeness kindly report it to REM or to Nanay Rosie. 
  • Dirty spot - ugh! sorry for some uneducated and hard headed people who just throw their garbage and trash everywhere, one day its them who we will throw in the garbage(sorry for my word, but it's true). HAHAHA but the management will have its schedule of island cleaning.  
  • Some human failure again about the boat going home, they don't allowed renting boats. So be prepared.
It's better to know this and less too much expectation.

So have your itinerary and reservations now. I suggest to book your reservation 1-2 weeks before and have it on weekdays, weekends are bit full.


(Best option)  Use google map!

  1. If you are from outside Batangas, then better ride bus going to Batangas City then drop at Batangas Grand Terminal then ride a jeep going to Mabini either Anilao or Talaga Port. Be at TALAGA or ANILAO port early because there are times that they are running out of boats and it is until 4:30pm. Sometimes it leave early. Fare is around Php 60-80 
  2. From Tingloy port ride tricycle and drop at MASASA. Php 60 for each tricycle (if you are 4 then divide it)
  3. From MASASA walk until the sand then turn right. Then walk again 'till you reach a cluster of houses and fits the 3rd house. Look for Remar.
  4. NEVER be deceive by double-dealing or tipster. They are just around the corner. They will bring you to other side of the beach. So here, follow it. 


Really? We expect something from visitors? Of course! Aside from the payment and appreciation we also EXPECT visitors to keep their trash in their bags or RESPECTFULLY put it on the garbage can and there's big pit in one side there where you can put your trash there. And we are glad if you do so. That helping hand will keep the island clean and beautiful. Thanks!

We expect you to enjoy! Enjoy your future vacation! See you around. 

Let me know if you visit there. 

Contact No.  09196864368/09757447566
(Its better to call and text than sending message on their page)

DISCLAIMER: some photos used in this article are from Flynn. 

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