"Plans often fails but unexpected plans succeed- all the time!" Why I said that? Every time I planned with my friends to go somewhere it is not working so better not make a plan. HAHAHA. So here is my unexpected hanging out with my sisters (sister by faith and by heart).

      My friend Abigail invited to this 'new' hangouts they had. I saw their post and it looks Instagramable (that is the best part HAHAHA) and good for my tummy. But I'm with my best friend and we are on our activities on that day. To make story short, Abi and her sister along with their cousin brought us to this cafe - Winidonuts. It is located in Bauan, Batangas. If you face at the church turn right, it is on the second corner of the street.

         The ambiance of the cafe were better than other cafe. It gives you the feeling when you had your day in the school. Yes! It is! Nakakabata! "I feel young - at heart". Small but fit for a small group of friends like I had at this time. With WIFI so don't worry. Comfortable with approachable and friendly staffs. It is clean and fresh as well as their menus. Happy tummy! Good job!

           My friends and I enjoyed our bonding not just because of the good and funny stories we had but because of the food served and the freedom of laughter. Yes, all cafe have freedom too but this one is like we own the shop. HAHAHA. The atmosphere will make you feel home. I love the bacon pesto (lots of bacon and cheese!) and the cranberry tea. Sorry I don't have picture because I was diverted by our funny stories.

          My Friends will kill me for this shot! HAHAHA. 
Good food while having good conversation is what I called satisfaction, both heart and tummy is satisfied! Next time, surely I will come back! (Alone HAHAHA)

Our Class Pictures. LOL! With terror Dean, Find her!

            But, wait, I'm still confused where are the donuts? I didn't see or taste any. Maybe that is one of the reason why I need to go back. 

Unit 1 Porz Bldg. Kap. Ponso St., Bauan
Batangas City, Philippines
Call: (043) 706 9064

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